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Health and Self-Improvement RANT

Ever since I graduated College I’ve drank alcohol less and enjoy life a lot more. I focus on improving my body to the point where performance is key to my workout. Increasing endurance and strength for high dynamic movements and muay thai. 

I’ve been watching people drink their life away at clubs and parties, but i think that it just social media. I want to the be there at the same I don’t. I want to relieve that built up stress from work and life. Empty out the bottled up anger that I frequently build up. I watch some of my friends living off with what they have and I questioned where do they get the money to survive and live a luxurious lifestyle. This bring me back to this game called A wolf among us. It tells a story of how old fables that end in happily ever after live in a different world, a human world. The corruption and extortion is prominent in the game where they live in a normal life and still trying to make it their home. We work hard to survive this harsh world. 

Fun is an escape for many people and everything cost money or has a price. 

All in all I am getting stronger and smarter. More opened and learning about life. Keep moving forward and sometime you just need to leave some people behind because all they do is drag you down.


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